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CEH Sponsors and Attends NanoSTAR Symposium 2017


Members of the VT Center for Engineered Health and their students attended and presented at the 2017 NanoSTAR Symposium in Charlottesville, VA in conjunction with UVA and VCU.

CEH Student Presentations:

AR Hyler, NC Baudoin, MA Stremler, D Cimini, RV Davalos, EM Schmelz. Fluid shear stress impacts ovarian cancer cell viability, subcellular organization, and promotes malignant phenotypes

A Baah-Dwomoh, R De Vita. Effects of repeated biaxial loads on the creep properties of cardinal ligaments

A Jo, V Ringel, IC Allen, RM Davis. CRISPR-Cas9 plasmid encapsulation in PLGA nanoparticles by modified nanoprecipitation for immunotherapy of the Tlr4 gene in mice

CEH Faculty Presentations:

M Bonakdar, RV Davalos: Microfluidic models of the blood-brain barrier to study permeabilization by pulsed electric fields

N Dervisis: Nanoparticles and cancer, the veterinary clinical experience

K Edgar: Polysaccharides for enhanced bioavailability by design

L Chang: Microfluidic technologies for ultralow-input profiling of epigenomes

D Xie: Epigenetic dynamics during brain development

L Zhang: Developing computational tools for analyses of metagenomics data and identification of cancer genetic markers

D Kelly: Structural analysis of BRCA1 reveals modification hot spots