The Innovation Facility and Pre-Incubator Space of the CEH at ICTAS

The Center for Engineered Health (CEH) Innovation Facility and Pre-Incubator Space is housed in the dynamic, cross-collaborative Kelly Hall facility of the Institute for Ctritical Technology and Science (ICTAS) at Virginia Tech's Blacksurg campus. The CEH Facility combines engineering technology such as MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems), microfluidics and 3D Printing with cellular biology to monitor, transform, manipulate, and genetically engineer cells in new ways with unprecedented precision and sensitivity. Its mission is to develop fundamentally innovative techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by exploiting phenomena that dominate at the micro- and nano-scales. The facility emphasizes the idea of propelling CEH through collaboration with the private sector in an effort to develop our center and close the gap between academia and industry. The CEH facility is available for use as a pre-incubator space for university spinoff companies and includes over 1,000 square feet of working space with all the necessary tools for the fulfillment of the CEH’s mission. Part of the equipment found within the Innovation Facility and Pre-Incubator Space includes: a ECM830 BTX Electroporation system to conduct experiments on suspensions and tissue phantoms; power tools for machining and fabrication of research-related devices; an automated signal generation system including several oscilloscopes and function generators; Incubated CO2 controlled Zeiss epifluorescent microscope with Nikon DSLR for time-lapse imaging; VasoWave® system for sustained organ viability; desktop computers with research-related software to control equipment and acquire data; a KOPF stereotactic frame (Model 1530) for neurosurgical applications in animals ranging from rats-dogs; a Universal Laser Systems version 3.60 CO2 laser cutter for precision machining and device prototyping; a CADworks uMicrofluidics Edition 3D printer for cutting-edge microfluidics prototyping; a Form 2 3D resin printer; Osmometer, Veterinary hematology system, pH meter, Masterflex digital pump, viscometer, water baths, ultrasonic cleaner, UV Crosslinker, two biological safety cabinets (1300 series A2 Thermo Scientific and Class II A2 NuAire), two 5025T 150L VWR incubators, chemical hood, PHD Ultra™ syringe pump from Harvard Apparatus, refrigerator, freezer, Thermo Scientific Microm HM550 Cryostat, digital balances, hot/stir plates, Conductivity sensor, and LCR Meters.